Monday, April 14, 2014

Vintage Tastes Like Umami

I am a sucker for anything that is  related to vintage-ish things. I love every intricate details of it as such, gives me so much joy. That's why when I saw this vintage door I did not miss my chance to use this as my backdrop. And you know that one the things that bloggers usually encounter is selecting a perfect background. I guess I just found my perfect match! 

The first stop that we had was Umami burger. I heard a lot of good reviews with their burgers and fries so we end up giving it a try. True enough their fries are to die for! Did i just mention that it comes with 4 different sauces that tastes like heaven as well? Of course lets not forget how tasty their hamburgers were. The meat were juicy, tender and very satisfying. If I could just eat it everyday and never get fat I'll say, "I volunteer!" just like Katniss Everdeen.

Sweater top| H&M
Dress use as skirt| F21
Purse| Zara
Ankle boots| DSW

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Enough of Winter

top| H&M
shorts, necklace| F21
purse| coach
flats| Zara
hat| gift

The weather here in NY as of the moment has been really crazy. I feel like this winter and I have been in a relationship for almost a decade now. Like seriously, its already the first day of March and yet the temperature is no way going down. I am in this dire position of missing wearing different kind of clothes besides all this chunky, heavy sweater and tall boots. Say for example this outfit that I wore sometime last year where I have no worries about getting my feet cold or my skin getting dry and frosted.
The outfit that is perfect to wear on a Sunday morning brunch with lots of sunshine beaming through your sun kissed skin. Pardon my obsession with the sun, I just can't stop myself from missing it. 
I thought that the top and bottom does have simplicity and has its own classic style. So I just added some accessories to complement it and not overdoing it so as not to ruin the "laid back" look.

I hope you guys love the whole look as much as I love to end this freezing season. Hah!
Have a good and restful weekend everyone!


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nerd and Fashion

First and foremost I would like to greet everyone a happy new year! My experience with year 2013 was a blast full of fun, learning and challenges that I consider to be blessings. Speaking of year 2013 (my blessings included), before the year ended I received an email from Firmoo offering me to post an unbiased review of their product after receiving a sample. Knowing I am a sucker for free stuff, who am I not to grab this opportunity. But let me tell you briefly about Firmoo. Firmoo is an online company that offers different kinds of eyewear, be it a prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses or simply "I want to look like a fashionista nerd" eyeglasses.

I know what's going on in your mind right now. How can you know if the eye glasses fit the owner? That was the same question that popped in my interrogative mind when I learned that I had to do it online. Well fret no more ladies and gents because Firmoo does have a virtual try-on system which allows you to upload your own photo and lets you try all the eye wear you want. Thru the virtual try-on I was able to carefully winnowed the right eyeglass that suits my face. Now tell me isn't that awesome? 


Can I also tell you that what I like the most about their online store is that they have a wide array of selections to choose from. Starting from the regular classics, to trendiest frames, to urban hip eyewear that will surely not sabotage any outfit that you would like to wear. Name it and there you have it. Also, I love the quality of the frame that they used. It is not your typical plastic frame that can be easily mangled. I can assure you that you can get the quality that you want for the price that you love. 

Before i would end this blog I would like to share one of my favorite sayings. Cliche as it may seem, but as everyone says we have to share our blessings. So I am delighted to announce that you could also get to enjoy yourself a free eyeglass by clicking this link. I bet it does really sound like a really happy new year to us, right?